Distribution center loading bays for trucks

Retail & Distribution Security

The retail and distribution sector is one of the most difficult sectors to secure. Loss prevention, staff protection, customer safety, and vandalism are just a few of the issues that are being tackled on a day-to-day basis. Shrinkage alone cost global business a staggering US$ 98,630 million in 2007 (Global Retail Theft Barometer).

Total global shrink in 2011 cost retailers $119.092 billion http://www.retailresearch.org/grtb_currentsurvey.php

Ensuring customers, employees and assets are protected from risks such as customer abuse, health risks, hazardous materials and fire all form part of the corporate social responsibility for retailers. Moreover, keeping customers in a safe environment is vital to ensuring they keep coming back. These challenges need to be dealt with to a consistently high standard, inline with overall brand values and business objectives.

IPSecurityCenter PSIM co-ordinates and controls information from all security, fire, access, analytics and building management systems, creating complete situational awareness in a discreet manner. This complete picture can help you measure trends and identify irregularities, pinpointing areas of shrinkage. Not only does it ensure compliance to security policy, it can create new methods of reducing costs, such as managing out of hours deliveries or monitoring of environmental equipment.