Refinery Tank Farm

Energy, Oil & Gas Security

Economies, both developed and developing, are dependent on oil and gas supply. The security and availability of energy is critical as it directly affects economic, political and social stability. Ultimately risks affecting supply can be generated by freak natural events, accidents or terrorism. The size and complexity of facilities makes them difficult to secure. Monitoring the perimeter fence, multiple process environments including hazardous and toxic gas areas, as well as terminal and tanker loading jetties all require comprehensive management.

Ensuring these facilities have enforced compliance to set procedures is a significant challenge, vital to the protection of assets, the safety of staff, and the public. Maintaining a consistently high level of security requires the best use of technology, people and processes.

IPSecurityCenter PSIM centralizes all security systems, providing complete situational awareness. Operators only see what they need to see, when they need to see it, effectively eliminating information overload. The workflow tools allow security levels to be increased and decreased in line with security policy. All of this ensures consistent, compliant and crucially, auditable security policies.