Police cars

Law Enforcement

The last decade has seen major changes in the role of police services and law enforcement across the globe. Increasing terrorist threats, social disorder and organized crime rates puts pressure on existing security resources. Visual intelligence is playing an increasing role in meeting these challenges. This reliance on surveillance brings its own issues; managing this complex mix of technology, information and human interaction.

Creating a central security command and control center is the key to ensuring information is relayed to the point of need in real time. Allowing these centers to pull live video feeds from public space, public transport and any other CCTV system enables a complete picture of an event to be formed and communicated instantly.

IPSecurityCenter PSIM provides the perfect intelligent software for a centralized law enforcement command and control center. Its open architecture allows video to be pulled in from virtually any system, including public space, heli-tele and public transport, aiding the decision making process and increasing the safety of the public and officers alike.


Example: Atlanta Operation Shield