Manufacturing plant

Industrial & Manufacturing Security

One of the biggest issues for an industrial or manufacturing company is downtime. If production is compromised, overheads can create a huge loss in profitability. Quality management systems have seen organizations moving towards lower downtime targets, using benchmarks such as Six Sigma.

Industrial and manufacturing operations involve hazardous material, so compliance to regulations such as the HMRs in the US and COSHH in the UK needs to be ensured. Developments in technology have helped organizations implement systems to secure perimeters and restrict internal access of critical systems to authorized personnel.

IPSecurityCenter PSIM integrates all sub systems such as CCTV, security, fire, access control and intruder systems to give you a command and control center, which can ensure compliance to the strictest security ensuring business continuity. As the information is bought to central location, it can also save costs by reducing the amount of personnel required to monitor your facilities.