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Homeland Security

Homeland defense has become a concern for all governments around the world. Porous borders, rapid technological change, greater information flow, and the destructive power of weapons now within the reach of small groups and individuals make such threats more viable and endanger stability and the personal security of citizens.

By its nature homeland defense incorporates intelligence from a variety of areas to form a complete view of security threats to a country or area. Increasingly this intelligence relies on CCTV; as the range of potential targets includes public areas, which can not be secured using military techniques. Inevitably greater collaboration is required, involving the distribution of this intelligence across all relevant government organizations.

IPSecurityCenter PSIM centralizes all visual intelligence irrespective of manufacturer or the technology on which it is based. This increases situational awareness, allowing the identification of suspicious behavior, trends and non conformance. This intelligence can be accessed by all necessary organizations and acted upon in a coherent, structured and effective way, increasing collaboration and ensuring faster responses to potential threats.


Example: CNL Software & GMP Video (2011)