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Financial Services Security

Financial institutions need to ensure the best and most rigorous procedures to mitigate the risk of the theft of assets, intellectual property and data. Their reputation depends on it. Whether an incident occurs virtually or physically, the impact remains the same; damaged credibility leading to a loss of business.

In a recent survey, nearly 73 percent of security professionals believed vulnerabilities in either physical or IT security can lead to a breach in the other system. Whilst a great deal effort has been expended ensuring computers and networks are secure, physical security remains vulnerable. Criminals will naturally find the path of least resistance, requiring financial institutions to take a more holistic approach to security.

IPSecurityCenter PSIM can help you achieve consistently high levels of security across large multi-national organizations, ensuring all staff and contracted security respond to situations in compliance with regulations. It provides a holistic view to security, allowing trends to be established and irregularities to be easily identified.