Professionals working together on a project plan

Project Services

Do you have a physical security information management (PSIM) or control room integration project which requires extensive IT and Security knowledge and experience? Is this something you cannot currently deliver? If so, we can help you build on your capabilities and deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to your customers.

Our Professional Services Group ("PSG") will work with you to understand your client's requirements, assessing the existing security and building management infrastructure, advising on options and implementing new systems.

Building from a "production-ready" viewpoint and with an emphasis on analysis and design, our PSG employs a proven methodology to implement these solutions. This process allows a logical progression through the tasks of gathering, analyzing, designing, documenting, coding, testing, and deploying your solution for your customers.

Each project is overseen by a CNL Software Project Manager, who serves as a single point of contact throughout the lifecycle of the project. This ensures you know exactly what is happening at each stage of your project.