Control room operators one with a walky talky radio

Process Guidance & Workflow

By giving the user or installer the tools to implement security policies, rather than imposing set functionality, IPSecurityCenter™ ensures that there are as few system-imposed restrictions as possible. The Response Plan Designer provides key components which are then dragged onto the design surface to create powerful and flexible processes and procedures.

By dealing in generic concepts, IPSecurityCenter™ ensures that inputs and outputs of all relevant systems within an organization can be brought together and managed.

Here we show the workflow element of IPSecurityCenter™ - the behind-the-scenes security policy executed whenever an incident occurs.

Policies are set-up using workflows which link to activity screens or alerts, For example: a Response Plan can draw the user screens to highlight a specific action, or request an action or wait for user input such as an acknowledgement or the response from a communication such as a particular SMS message.