OEM Partners

IPSecurityCenter is transforming the way organizations view and manage their security, moving from systems which are reliant on constant monitoring and input by security personnel to information-based systems which proactively manage the increasing volume of information in the control room. It is trusted by the best-informed security operations around the world to reduce costs, enhance security and ensure compliance to security policies.

IPSecurityCenter is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform that offers a host of features which support the collection, analysis, verification of information and data, enabling faster resolution, automated reporting and complete audit trails of incidents. Beyond the time-saving and efficiency benefits IPSecurityCenter provides, it also allows continuous process improvement initiatives, training drills, system healthcare checks, and so much more. IPSecurityCenter OEM is a out-of-the-box branded solution aimed at solving a specific target market problem.

IPSecurityCenter offers our OEM partnerships with a range of features


OEM Branding of Software and Installers

Benefit from best-of-breed PSIM software, designed to meet critical standards regardless of your size or market focus, with the ability to re-brand IPSecurityCenter.

Unified Video Management

Watch live and playback video with granular playback control. Support for PTZ, preset positions, 360/fisheye.

Advanced Alarm Management

Prioritized Alarm Stack give users instant visibility of the most critical alarms. Alarm management provide nearest camera access, alarm location views and tailored resolution options.

Video Wall Client and Control

Deploy as Workstation or Video Wall clients with clients having full remote control of video wall content.

Multi Language Support

Multiple languages supported and selected by individual users.

Client-Server Architecture

Flexible deployment design, allowing multiple users to work together in the Security environment.

IPSecurityCenter OEM runs on standard Windows hardware for both server and clients.

Flexible License Model

A flexible license model ensures solutions can be scaled to meet individual customer needs.

Granular Auditing

Flexible deployment design, allowing multiple users to work together in the Security environment.


Image and Geographical maps providing users situational awareness. Map interaction (pan and zoom), asset locations, asset control, alarm visibility.

Threat Level Indicator

The security Threat Level Indicator visualizes the security situation to all users.


Flexible reporting system ensures relevant data is available to the relevant audience.

Granular User Management

Manage users with different permissions by giving them restricted access while handling alarms, or giving access to certain locations and devices.