Mactwin Security

Mactwin logo is a leading system integrator and offers innovative, but more importantly effective and user-friendly security solutions. They integrate access management, intrusion detection, video surveillance, video analysis, fire detection and evacuation systems. Mactwin is a thought leader with a strong focus on delivering results for the client. They are an independent organization, driven by passionate safety and security experts. With their 30 years of experience (manifested in Best Practises that are available exclusively for its clientele) and service oriented, professional approach, they have grown into a serious and valued partner within the Benelux (and international) security industry. Mactwin distinguishes itself by developing balanced and coherent security solutions that truly make a difference, that minimize risks and are specific to your situations, thus contributing to the continuity of your organization. They offer integrated security solutions to a diverse group of customers ranging from banks and CIT-companies to educational institutions, government bodies, critical infrastructure organizations and production companies.

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