The Security Industry Must Meet Growing Demand for Effective Integration

Intersec, December 2014: The security industry is changing. There are increasing calls for the way we are using technology in our daily lives to be reflected in our security solutions, and it's obvious that expectations are changing.

Users expect everything to be fluid and easy. They expect to be able to manage everything from their smart phone. They expect intuitive, plug and play technology.

The key to achieving this is integration, and IP technology and its sweep through the industry has acted as a catalyst for evolution. Major players at Intersec 2015 will look to highlight this point when the three-day trade fair takes place from 18-20 January at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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The Keys to Seamless Healthcare Solution, October 2014: In the terms of security for healthcare vertical, there are different phases needed to be taken care of. Unauthorized access to the patient's medical record or expensive medications and equipment will not only cost the hospital a great fortune but also jeopardize their reputation. However, it is important to make sure that the visitors, patients, and injured are easy to go around in the hospital.

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How Security Enhances Metro Emergency Management, October 2014: Taking public transportation has become a normal way of life for people constantly on the go. Yet despite various safety measures implemented by the operator, disasters, whether natural or caused by human, occur from time to time. Luckily, today's security technologies have evolved to enable better emergency management for operators, and passengers can travel with peace of mind.

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Counting Up PSIM Benefits for the Business

Security Magazine, October 1, 2014: It's a mishmash of letters – PSIM – but what it stands for isn't mishmash at all. PSIM, or Physical Security Information Management, is a category of software that provides a platform and applications created by middleware developers, designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface.

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UK Security Market(2-1): Hot and crowded, August 2014: Thanks to the U.K.'s recent cheerful economic performance, their security market has started to regain its momentum. The upwind of its end market's demand toward security also comes along with fierce market competition. The market is indeed hot and crowded. Demanding UK customers and unique installation environments are testing manufacturers' agility.

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Integrated Management Platforms

Hi-Tech Security Solutions, August 2014: When it comes to management platforms, the big news right now is the acquisition of Milestone by Canon. At IFSEC UK, everybody commented on how unexpected that move was. Hi-Tech Security Solutions is running an article in this issue in which we asked the two companies about the deal and the future of Milestone and its popular open platform.

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CNL Software – Now Recruiting!

Want to play a key role in the design and deployment of one of the leading software solutions in the PSIM industry?

CNL Software is recruiting talented and motivated professionals to join its teams in the UK, Middle East and the US.

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Multisite Remote Monitoring: Real-Time Assurance From Afar

a&s Asia, Product Exploration May 2014: The concept of multisite remote monitoring in security is a great fit with modern facility management: centralization and subsystem integration. As enterprises are faced with the daunting challenges of how to best allocate capital to achieve more with less, they are resorting to wireless technology that realizes the management of multiple buildings or dispersed locations remotely and easily.

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