How the Hidden Value of Video Improves Business Processes

How the Hidden Value of Video Improves Business Processes, Feb 2017: For years, video surveillance has been used for security purposes, collecting footage for post-event investigation. Yet, according to various studies, this only accounts for 10 percent of data in the video. How to fully employ the information video provides to enhance business intelligence and operational efficiency has become an increasingly important focus for solutions providers, especially amid fiercer competition in the video markets.
How the hidden value of video can be extracted and analyzed to improve business processes was demonstrated during a smart city exhibition currently held in Taipei. One area where video can be of use other than security is smart parking. Acer, for example, showcased its solution entailing the use of automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) to automate the parking payment process.
The solution consists of a kiosk with an ultrasonic sensor attached to it, and a camera. The former detects whether a space is parked or not. This information can then be transmitted to the user’s app or a citywide signage system to help drivers navigate to the right lot/area. Once the car is parked, the camera captures the vehicle’s license plate and the time of entry/exit. That information, then, is transmitted to the payment system, which deducts the value from the driver’s account.