Adding Even More Value to Video Surveillance

Adding Even More Value to Video Surveillance

SecureIDNews, Dec 2016: On a train platform in Washington, D.C., a lone wanderer threw himself onto inside train tracks operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).

A train immediately pulls into the rail station, passing over the supposed suicide jumper. A long minute passes, and then remarkably the individual emerges unscathed from under the train. The man had survived his suicide attempt, but instead of being grateful, he makes an obscene gesture at the driver.

That was the scene depicted on a video screened by WMATA Deputy Chief Engineer Marshall Epler at the 2016 SIA Government Summit in Washington. Epler showed the video to private and public sector security personnel, drawn from the security industry and government agencies, to demonstrate the dual uses of video surveillance technology. Although WMATA depends on video surveillance for security, the agency also uses the tool for safety and other purposes as well, extending its utility across its operations.  

Using a physical security information management (PSIM) system, WMATA integrates cameras across its transportation system via software. When an incident occurs  –  like a suicide attempt  –  they can see what is transpiring in real time from a command center as the PSIM activates the camera closest to the event. The cameras can also work in tandem with the WMATA smart card, known as “SmarTrip,” which passengers use to enter transit stations and ride trains and buses.

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