Central Control

Security Middle East Magazine, Oct 2016: Leading PSIM developers are now Looking to offer integrated security systems aimed at the growing needs of Large scale enterprises and the increasing trend for smart city applications, SME reports.

PSIM solutions has been developed over the last decade to let organisations integrate unconnected security applications and control them through single, comprehensive user interfaces.

Typically this has involved connecting groups of several buildings – on campus sites for example -to allow improved central control of the environment.

Now market leaders in the PSIM arena, including CNL and Vidsys, are focusing on developing more powerful solutions for enterprise level security and asset management across much bigger organisation structures and for smart city applications.

The trend towards centralising security creates challenges for users with numerous sites to protect, as each site potentially contains thousands of devices, spread over large geographical areas. For planners, one of the biggest questions is how to best manage incidents at a local level, while maintaining over sight from one centralised Security Operation Center (SOC), says Adlan Hussain,VP Marketing for CNL.

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