Mobile operation

Keep connected to events on the move

IPSecurityCenter™ mobile client is an easy to use, web-based, fully featured interface that provides an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Our transcoding engine uniquely allows us to distribute video from any IPSecurityCenter connected CCTV system, irrespective of whether analogue or digital to a mobile device breathing new life into legacy systems.

Mobile access via a map based interface to live video, recorded video, and interaction with PTZ devices, is essential to support law enforcement and mobile security teams on the ground, helping reduce risk and promote advanced situational awareness.

Stream video live from any IPSecurityCenter enabled mobile device to unite operatives in the field with centralized command and control to ensure appropriate response to events and incidents to support better decision making.

Mobile users can create new manual alarms from the IPSecurityCenter mobile client and attach images taken with a built-in phone camera to these alarms to alert centralised command and control.

  • Simple to use
  • Mobile access to critical visual intelligence
  • Greater interactions between first responders and control rooms
  • Optimise efficiency and appropriateness of response