Case Studies


City of Atlanta, US

The most cost effective method to increase the amount of visual intelligence available to all government agencies, including the City of Atlanta's Police Department, was to create a shared Video Integration Center (VIC). 'Operation Shield' is a public/private partnership CCTV center protecting over 5.2 million citizens & 35 million visitors a year.

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Critical National Infrastructure, Kuwait

This critical oil facility is responsible for the refining of a large portion of Kuwait's oil supply. IPSecurityCenter PSIM solution is used to create a flagship Kuwaiti control room which is responsible for protecting over 2,700,000 citizens who live within the vicinity of this critical infrastructure site.


Fortune 20 Corporation, US

This is one of the largest and most comprehensive PSIM deployments in the world today. It is currently protecting over 100,000 employees across more than 200 locations within North America.


Global Corporate's Operations in India

The IPSecurityCenter PSIM solution is used to protect over 120,000 employees by centrally managing security in all locations throughout India & Sri Lanka.


Greater Manchester Police (GMP), UK

GMP is one of the largest police forces in the UK, protecting a resident population of 2.6 million, and an estimated eight million visitors each year. As with any large city, GMP needed to deliver visual intelligence to the point of need to secure both high profile events and for day to day operational needs. Rather than installing hundreds of additional cameras, GMP opted for a PSIM solution to integrate feeds from cameras already in position at a range of public facilities as well as their own cameras.

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IBM UK has 20,000+ employees, spread across 26 locations. The challenge was to provide IBM with a PSIM solution to ensure consistent levels of security across all locations in the UK. IBM needed to ensure better visibility of threats to all of their sites, assets and people. The PSIM solution was required to rationalize the number of control rooms, which would generate a rapid return on investment, provide improved efficiency and reduce on-going costs.

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Law Enforcement, UK

IPSecurityCenter PSIM software is used for protecting over one billion passenger journeys each year, which involves centralizing over 3,000 locations. The core system capability is access to live video from 10,000 CCTV cameras for forensic investigation management.


Major Port Authority, US

The project consists of 4 ports in the US. IPSecurityCenter PSIM is used to enhance system integration capabilities, allowing the transfer of data needed to support real-time situational awareness, as well as the sharing of event data and automated response procedures among multiple agencies.


Queen's University Belfast (QUB), UK

Founded in 1845, Queen's opened in 1849 when the first students entered the magnificent new college building designed and built by Charles Lanyon. Since then, the University estate has grown to more than 300 buildings - many of them listed for their architectural importance. Today there are some 24,000 students and almost 4,000 staff. Ensuring their safety and security is of highest priority. IPSecurityCenter PSIM provides remote bi-directional communication to the University's Fire, CCTV, Access Control, and Intruder Alarm systems.


Washington DC, US

The public safety program will incorporate a PSIM solution to create a unified control center where all of the security requirements of multiple agencies within the city area can be managed and processed. Agencies involved include; Protective Services, Public Schools, Department of Transportation, Police Department and Homeland Security Emergency Management. In total it is protecting over 5,400,000 citizens.


World Leading Corporate, India

With over 110,000 employees, ensuring the safety of its most valuable assets- its people and property- is a major focus. IPSecurityCenter PSIM integrates and aggregates intelligence from all legacy systems to allow this world leading corporation to maximize its investment.