Integriti v19 – Release November 20th 2019

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Latest Driver Download by DDK version

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Enhancements / Fixes

Below Enhancements/Fixes from Driver Release 20th November 2019:-
DAD-4423 Connection manager crashes during device population
DAD-4428 an run several device population tasks in parallel
DAD-4294 child devices show wrong state after parent Controller is re-Enabled
DAD-3783 Cannot run Timed Access from the ‘right click’ menu
DAD-4346 device Labels are not renamed when server device or parent Controller device is re-Enabled
DAD-4368 Running the Timed Access method will leave the door in a Held Open state
DAD-4369 Description for the Locked Override does not match the RDIN
DAD-4370 Description of the Unlocked Override method does not match what is shown in the RDIN
DAD-4374 AccessGrantedEvent shows the wrong direction
DAD-4375 : State changed event does not always appear for the Integriti Doors
DAD-4376 Unplugging the cable on the EliteXTerm device will only show offline if the user toggles the connection status
DAD-4378 Removing a device from the native software will remain online in IPSC
DAD-4380 Licenses are still used when connection manager is offline

Older Driver Versions Download (For Reference only)

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