Workflow engine

Easily implement user-defined business and response logic using the Control Center graphical workflow engine

Control Center’s intelligent and easy to use advanced workflow engine is central to an efficient and effective security operation.

Organizations already deploy large numbers of sensors to support their security mission and the numbers and complexity of those sensors are increasing year on year.

The challenge is these sensors generate massive amounts of data and can quickly overwhelm a security operation if not managed effectively.

CNL Software, our partners, and customers use our advanced workflow capabilities to manage the system response to every alarm event or alert received by Control Center.

Prioritizing and correlating all event data, ensuring the system drives out false positives, and supports operators to provide an appropriate response, fully aligned with our customers CONOPS, (Concept of Operations), security policies and standard operating procedures.

Our workflow engine is capable of managing many tens of thousands of events per second.

Our approach makes costly and time-consuming software development unnecessary and provides customers the flexibility to efficiently adapt to regulatory, policy, and threat level change without backend programming or necessary assistance from CNL Software or a CNL Software channel partner

Benefits of Control Center Workflow engine

  • Easy to use visual response planning tool for building and updating workflows
  • Links all data sources to business process to manage complex and dynamic environments
  • Library of pre-defined workflow templates for common response
  • Easy to update and extend as systems and processes evolve
  • Any sensor, device, component, service, and existing workflow is accessible to new workflows