Control Center Mapping, immediate access to all assets from a single screen, reducing your response times and creating advanced situational awareness

Control Center integrates and uses a large variety of mapping services and surfaces to support operators, supervisors and managers to gain control and manage all their security devices and sensors.

Easy to navigate and access, Control Center utilizes your preferred mapping technology and provides a highly interactive surface to easily access CCTV cameras, lock and control doors, control sensors, understand which sensors are in alarm and device status in an interactive and intuitive way.

Integration with location-based GIS map servers that can provide visibility of nearest responders utilized in conjunction with CCTV assets, support our customers in providing operational oversight, and ensuring their response is appropriate helping optimize resource allocation and reduce risks to their teams.

Our ability to provide and switch between multiple layers and views ensure operators with appropriate permissions get the data and tools to visualize, verify, and respond based on accurate information.

Utilizing our “Plug-In” we integrate with Raven View3D™ images and models allowing full visibility and interaction with an entire city, building x-ray modes that show exactly which building, floor, or zone are in alarm helping operators co-ordinate and manage appropriate responses that drive complete situational awareness and improve security.