CNL Software currently maintains more than 250 Control Center security, safety and emergency management subsystem drivers

Control Center can integrate with all your existing and future technologies so our customers can effectively manage and respond to alarm, event, or alert data from a wide range of disparate subsystems.

This is done using our open and system agnostic Driver Development Kit (DDK), and CNL Software prides itself on being a subject matter expert in this field, with over 10 years’ experience of integrating to a significant array of different technological platforms.

Our customers maximize their existing investments in security technologies by integrating with new systems into a seamless command and control environment helping manage technology transition programs and reducing the impact to capital investments.

We understand the only constant is change. We have relationships with the worlds leading suppliers of technology, so it doesn’t matter which systems you chose, if they have an open application programming interface/software development kit (API/SDK) we can deliver the connections you need.

The benefits of CNL Software’s integration approach include:

  • Bringing in the full functionality of the underlying devices (provided the API/SDK supports this)
  • Adapting Control Center to changing and new technologies
  • Users only need to learn one interface
  • Extend the reach of the platform to incorporate different technologies