Graphical User Interface (GUI) Designer

Complexity is the enemy of all good security operations.  The Control Center GUI controls provide all the tools required to commission our software specifically to the needs of your business

This is not a development or programming function – it is all about configuration. Another example of CNL Software giving customers access to tools that allow them to configure the software to their specific needs.

A simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) is central to the day to day operation of Control Center. The GUI object provides a platform that enables the design and manipulation of the overall user interface.

Users can create triggers from events that may occur within the GUI, for example when the user clicks a particular button. Event pages can be defined to specify when to react to events, such as running actions and/or initiating Response Plans. In addition, the user can also control GUI’s from a Response Plan to create advanced dynamic interfaces that react and change depending on the status of the system.

The primary benefits of the GUI Designer are:

  • Create new views
  • Provide intuitive prompts to operators based on triggers and events
  • Configure the system to follow standard Site Operating Procedures
  • Increase operator productivity