Federated Systems

Enables visibility and complete control of all remote security operation centers, providing local autonomous operation, interoperability and redundancy

Federated Control Center enables you to deploy Control Center on per-site basis and maintain complete control of your entire security infrastructure from a central command and control position. It supports sharing devices, alarms, locations, events, and other relevant synchronized data.  A federated instance of Control Center can be configured as a Federated Hub or a Federated Node.

A Federated Node can send alarms and alarm data to remote servers and a Federated Hub can receive alarms to and from any number of connected Federated Nodes.

The main benefits of a Federated solution are:

  • Provides you with complete visibility and control over your entire infrastructure
  • Each location can work independently of another
  • Alarms from one location can be handled by users centrally or at another location
  • If local security has been compromised, the central location can maintain complete visibility and situational awareness
  • Roll out, commissioning and configuration can be centrally managed
  • Global CONOPS / Standard Operating Procedures response plans can be changed centrally and deployed globally with immediate effect
  • Threat levels can be raised and lowered changing an organization’s global security posture

Federation allows the seamless continuation of processes, policies, and procedures in the event of a disaster or significant event resulting in the sudden shutdown of a particular site.  This reduces risk and protects valuable resources in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

IPSecurityCenter Federated Operations