Presenting complex data in a simple to understand way to enhance operational efficiency

Control Center provides a range of dashboard options for security managers to gain local and global oversight of their operations and all the key factors that influence their effectiveness.

Immediately understand events that are impacting your organization and that require deeper analysis. All your key performance indicators (KPI’s) can be displayed, allowing you to click through the charts in the dashboard to gain deeper insights into each alarm, event, or alert. Measure and monitor the effectiveness of operators and security system performance as well as the status of each of your sub-systems.

Control Center provides a range of options for dashboards, which includes an out-of-the-box dashboard that provides performance information in real-time and the option for the user to modify the built-in dashboard and create their own dashboard as required. It also includes dashboard components that can be used within user-defined interfaces as well as links to external dashboard tools such as Microsoft® SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

System dashboards, views, and UI dashboard components complement each other and can be used to meet different user needs. The out-of-the-box dashboard provides visualization on common data sets as well as machine performance, the views can be used both inside Control Center and externally to create a more tailored dashboard view, and the UI components can be used to add context within the user interface.

Benefits of dashboards:

  • At a glance operational oversight
  • Ability to drill deep into underlying issues
  • Brings data to life, making it easier to see the trends
  • Customizable common operating picture
  • Intuitive data presentation
  • Increased productivity