Access IQ

When you need to be sure

Control Center Access IQ is designed to offer security with a rapid view of who is entering into a facility or secure area with an access control credential and is used in conjunction with doors, barriers, gates, and turnstiles to validate a cardholders’ identity.

Integrated with access control systems, Access IQ presents security staff with critical information such as a photograph of the recorded badge holder, badge expiry, and employment status. In high-security environments, Access IQ supports the security team to quickly determine if they should deny an individual access to a facility, grant access or grant escorted access to them.

It is the perfect visual tool to assist security personnel in the management and monitoring of staff across an entire enterprise, including those using disparate access control technologies. The color-coded presentation of the underlying Access Control data (Access Granted – Access Denied – Person of Interest) makes the tool easy to use and enables the understanding of events as they unfold in real-time.

The quick search box enables operators to find people quickly, and historic information can show doors accessed, with corresponding times and dates to support both day to day operations and the management of specific events which can also support forensic analysis and internal investigations.

At a glance, Control Center Access IQ gives you:

  • Visual color-coded data
  • A drag and drop interface
  • Access Control data at your fingertips
  • Less human error via increased collaboration
  • Access to a cached Access Control history
  • Support for internal investigations

Control Center Access IQ is consistent with the CNL Software philosophy towards the aggregation of data from multiple systems supporting security to make critical decisions in challenging environments.