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Careers at CNL Software

You've already taken the first step, you have arrived here. You are only a few steps away from joining a company whose employees simply describe as "A Great Place to Work". Of the thousands of people reading this, only a handful will take the next step, will you be one of them? There is only one way to find out.

We are always looking for individuals who have something special, who go that extra mile and make sure that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing properly. If that sounds like you, we want to hear from you.

We can offer a rewarding career, with great opportunities for development in a fast growing company who are not afraid to develop cutting edge technology or enter new untapped markets. Don't take our word for it; we were recently identified as one of the leading innovators within the PSIM market by Frost and Sullivan.


Five reasons you should join us

#1 We offer challenging and interesting work - Our customers are world leaders and bring a wide range of interesting challenges. Our work with them makes a difference to lives around the globe

#2  We are growing, and so are our people - We have been accelerating careers for over a decade.Our UK HQ is a training platform for careers in our offices in other global locations such as the US and Middle East

#3  We are diverse - Our people come from a great mix of professional and cultural backgrounds, helping us to learn from each other

#4  We give recognition for a good job - We know that when our people are recognized and praised for the hard work they do, they perform better and feel happier

#5  We will help you to be the best - We value talent and hard work, and if you are prepared to put the effort in, we will help you go further, faster than you would in a larger organization.


Our culture at CNL Software

We are a small company with gigantic ambition, huge customers and a global reach. At CNL Software, everyone is a key contributor. We foster a strong culture of learning and accountability in a collaborative, team environment. We seek people who share our values and strive to leave positive and lasting memories in all their interactions. Our guiding values are; 

Ownership - CNL Software people aren't afraid of taking ownership and moving quickly. We work for the good of the entire company not just their immediate team. We never ignore a problem or leave it to someone else to sort out. We prefer long-term value over short-term results.

Challenge - CNL Software people will respectfully challenge something when they disagree even when it is difficult or time consuming. CNL Software people are persistent and do not compromise when it is for the good of the company. Once a decision is made, we execute decisively and do not continue to push for own agenda.

Coach - CNL Software people proactively share information and coach our colleagues. We hire the best people and help them move up through the organisation. We understand our own training needs and always seek to develop ourselves as well as others.

Trust - CNL Software people build trust by ensuring our actions match our words. We listen actively, speak honestly and treat others with respect.  We admit our mistakes and focus on resolution rather than blame. We recognise that we can always do better.

Problem Solving - CNL Software people solve problems and are always seeking to improve ourselves. We scrutinise and question whilst being open to new possibilities.  We seek the views of others to challenge our own beliefs. Whilst we are not always right, we have strong judgement and are right a lot.

Innovate - CNL Software people seek ways to make things simpler. We innovate by trying new approaches,  understanding our failures and sharing our findings with our colleagues. We take calculated risks. We operate at all levels yet are able to understand the details.

Grit - CNL Software people persevere to succeed - when the going gets tough we stick with it until the end. We focus on our key requirements and deliver them on time, on scope and to the right quality. We can celebrate failure if it was the best decision, particularly if we learn from it.

Quality - CNL Software people have high standards. We do not send problems down the line. We are continually improving our processes which in turn improves the quality of our software and services.

Prepared - CNL Software people are prepared because we think ahead and make plans. We ensure we have the tools and processes in place to succeed for all involved, ourselves, the team and the company. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Customer Obsession - CNL Software people start with the customer and work backwards. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. Although we pay attention to competitors, we obsess over customer's needs to deliver the closest to their requirements or needs. We strive to be the market leader by really understanding our customers and markets.