GLOBAL RELEASE – August 01, 2019 – CNL Software, a world leader in Physical Security Information management (PSIM) software, will be demonstrating the latest features of its IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM software at the GSX. These demonstrations will help those responsible for the security of major cities, government agencies, public & private critical infrastructure, public & private corporations, and transportation facilities & networks to better understand and more efficiently react to security incidents. Recent IPSecurityCenter developments include enhanced interactive dashboards, improved web and mobile accessibility, plugin support for embedded analytics, machine learning, predictive insight tools and improved three-dimensional (3D) mapping.

Today security control centers are expected to process and react to more data from more sources than ever before. And every year, billions of dollars are spent developing new and improved sensor technologies that help reduce new threats as they emerge. This means there will be even more data to understand and manage in the security control center in coming years. By 2025, there will be more than 75 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices online. That is almost 10 devices for every person in the world. CNL Software will be available at the GSX to discuss what this data management challenge means for the security control center and to demonstrate how security professionals can prepare their organizations to effectively process and react to an ever-increasing volume of otherwise unintegrated security data.

“Security control centers should be preparing for a huge change in the amount of data they need to be able to understand and manage. To cope, they will need the technology and tools to do more with less. Maintaining a ‘business as usual’ stance will also prevent organizations from taking advantage of the security control center efficiencies that integration, analytics, machine learning technology and automation can provide,” says Mike Mostow, General Manager – Americas at CNL Software. “There has never been a greater need and opportunity to challenge traditional security control center methods. Today’s most successful and informed security operations are making use of technology that provides deeper insights into their physical security environment, to better protect people & assets, and to drive efficiencies—creating value beyond safety and security, and across the enterprise.”

IPSecurityCenter leads the Global market for PSIM software, offering unparalleled openness and adaptability, virtually unlimited scale, and security and performance advantages that are the result of more than a decade of investment.

Book a demonstration with CNL Software to see how the IPSecurityCenter differentiates us from other PSIM software vendors and platforms and why IPSecurityCenter is the first choice PSIM platform solution for government agencies, critical infrastructure, large corporations, and transportation facilities and networks around the world. Please email to arrange an IPSecurityCenter demonstration..