CNL Software Business Update

This year, CNL Software has achieved record sales and due to this continued high growth, we are busy planning for the years ahead. In September 2019, we will open our new expanded US Headquarters, as well as planning to open new offices in Australia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All these offices are as a result of needing to meet local demand for sales and technical support in region. Additionally, we are continuing to recruit at the Group HQ office in Camberley, so it is an exciting time to be part of this growing vertical within the high end security market.

With our annual growth in excess of 25% per annum, we are constantly looking to improve and expand the exciting talent pool within all our operations. All sections of the company are growing, but specifically, we are recruiting in our product team, development teams, professional services and our PMO. From entry level to senior staff, we offer really interesting work in one of the country’s leading niche software companies. It is complex work, it is difficult work, but to our engineers, that’s why they get up every day!

Our recent successes indicate that we have become the premier choice for PSIM for governments, agencies, mass transportation, airport, prisons, oil and gas and global corporates. All our clients have one thing in common – security is not an option, but a necessity. It is moving faster and will shortly include Cyber, AI, robots, drones, Lidar, radar and other really interesting technologies. Command & Control software is changing and CNL Software are one of the primary innovators in the field.

If you are interested in a role with the company, what we ask is that you can pass security clearance, have an outstanding attitude to client satisfaction and are prepared to work with highly complex solutions for the world’s most important command and control operations.

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