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CNL Software, an international provider of physical security information management (PSIM) software, demonstrated the latest developments to its IPSecurityCenter PSIM software at the recent ASIS Global Security Exchange (GSX) show in Las Vegas. These developments include enhancements designed to increase performance and help reduce operational response times in distributed, large-scale and mission-critical deployments of IPSecurityCenter.

The enhancements are of interest to those involved in the security of major cities and government agencies, as well as owners or operators of public and private critical infrastructure, large public and private corporations, transportation facilities and networks. The demonstrations were intended to help viewers understand the benefits of automating their security operations and realizing the full potential of their safety and security system investments.

Theft, activism, terrorism and organized crime are ever-expanding issues that continue to be faced in all corners of the globe, points out CNL Software. Advances in technology have also led to new threats, such as those posed by drones and social networks.

IPSecurityCenter from CNL Software helps the world’s leading organizations counteract security threats, to stay ahead of those with malicious intent by reducing clutter, enhancing situational awareness, and automating business rules to promote quicker incident response times and ensure compliance, through collecting insightful data.

IPSecurityCenter PSIM software is said to offer product flexibility, rich features and performance advantages that are the result of more than a decade of development. According to Mike Mostow, General Manager – Americas:
IPSecurityCenter’s approach makes costly, time-consuming software development unnecessary by providing users the flexibility to efficiently adapt to future regulatory, policies, and threat-level change without back-end programing. IPSecurityCenter also delivers virtually unlimited scale, to include a field-proven federated system architecture enabling a global view across monitoring and control centers, interoperability between these control centers, and autonomous operation at critical sites, even in case of a wide area network outage.

CNL Software is highly trusted by many of the world’s leading government and commercial organizations. IPSecurityCenter is used in many of the largest, most complex and groundbreaking security management system integration projects at some of the most prestigious locations in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

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