IPSecurityCenter™ Wins Govies Platinum PSIM Award for the Second Year

CNL Software is delighted to announce that for the second year in a row, its IPSecurityCenter solution has been voted the most outstanding PSIM product by Security Today magazine in the Govies Government Security Awards.

Sponsored by Security Products, securitytoday.com and GovSec magazines, the participation in the awards program has been strong as government security continues to be an ongoing concern.

An independent panel of judges from the security industry selected the top entries in the 2017 categories, including IPSecurityCenter PSIM, based on criteria including Features, Innovation, User Friendliness, Interoperability, Quality, Design, Market Opportunity, and Impact in the Security Industry, Technical Advances, and Scalability.

“The Govies is an amazing product recognition program whereby companies in the security industry can highlight their technology and solutions that work flawlessly within the government vertical,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor in chief of Security Today magazine and securitytoday.com. “We received 28% more entries this year, which also corresponds with the need to provide better security options not only at the federal level but also at the state and municipal level of government. I believe these products and solutions only prove that the government relies heavily on the technology advances in the private sector.”

“We are delighted that IPSecurityCenter has been chosen for the top award in the Govies PSIM category for a second year”, says Mike Mostow, General Manager – Americas at CNL Software. “Our IPSecurityCenter is critical to the missions of many homeland security, defense, safe cities, and mass transit customers who rely on the platform for situational awareness, the accurate and early detection of incidents, and the ability to resolve them faster and more incisively.” CNL Software was chosen for these important security programs because of our superior technology, innovation, and the technical and operational know-how to help drive impactful outcomes.”

IPSecurityCenter is deployed in some of the largest global government security programs today. Supporting the safety and security of citizens, visitors, commerce and infrastructure, IPSecurityCenter allows the intelligent integration of the widest range of security and homeland defense technologies such as video surveillance and analytics, facial recognition, license plate recognition, crowd monitoring, gunshot detection, chemical, biological, radiological/nuclear and explosives detection, geospatial mapping and asset tracking.

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