PSIM Securing Our Cities

The safety and security of citizens, visitors and businesses is key to a City's success and progress.

PSIM Safeguarding Our Infrastructure

Damage to critical infrastructure impacts on the economy and environment as well as life safety.

PSIM Protecting Our Commerce

A physical security breach could cost Organizations millions in brand and reputation damage alone.

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Our Partners understand the opportunities that technology convergence can unlock.

IPSecurityCenter™ - the world’s most tried and trusted PSIM platform

CNL Software

We believe in a connected world, where security and life safety are not compromised by silos of information that cannot talk to each other. We believe that technology should take the complexity out of decision making by integrating systems, people and processes.

We work with the world’s leading manufacturers in their respective technologies to create a security integration and hardening platform that automates routine functions and provides operators with step by step guidance to manage complex processes. For the past 15 years, we have been perfecting this PSIM platform, IPSecurityCenter™, and today it is the world’s most sophisticated, tried and trusted PSIM platform.

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Would you like to play a key role in the design and deployment of one of the leading software solutions in the PSIM industry?

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The LinkedIn PSIM Group
Has Reached
Over 10,000 Members


If you have not joined, now is a great time to join and find out how PSIM is making security operations more connected, efficient and effective.

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Do You Have Your Copy
Of 'The Ultimate
Guide To PSIM'?


 'The Ultimate Guide to PSIM' is designed to answer questions about this enabling technology and what investments are required for success.

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IPSecurityCenter PSIM
Solutions Engineer
Training Program


The IPSecurityCenter PSIM Partner Training Program is open to CNL Software Channel and Technical partners, consultants and engineers.

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